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Verdi-House sells a huge selection of gold, silver and platinum rings. Whether it's a 10 karat gold ring with colored gemstones or a set of 18 karat white gold wedding bands, we've got an incredible amount of fine jewelry products that are perfect for just about any occasion you might be shopping for. Verdi-House has an enormous selection of white, yellow, rose or two-toned gold rings available in a variety of purities and karatage as well. We've also got platinum and sterling silver rings to accommodate both men's and women's fashion jewelry needs no matter what kind of look or style you're searching for.

Timeless Gold Rings

Gold rings at Verdi-House are available in several different alloys as well as multiple karatage. What's the difference between white, rose and yellow gold? Just like the names suggest, rose gold will have a gorgeous pink hue, white gold illuminates with a very bright white luster and yellow gold is color of the traditional gold in the color you might imagine first when you think of gold in general.

How are these colors achieved? Through different alloys, or mixtures of gold and other metals. For example, white gold is pure gold mixed with a white metal such as palladium, manganese or nickel and each will yield different characteristics. Pink or rose gold is an alloy mixed with copper to yield that pinkish hue. 18 karat rose gold, for example, is 75 percent gold by volume and 25 percent copper.

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