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The Verdi-House Fine Jewelry Buyer's Guide

Welcome to Verdi-House's Fine Jewelry Buyer's Guide, where we offer insight into the variations between precious metals, gemstones, diamonds, and other elements of high-end jewelry. We want your jewelry buying experience at our online store to be as simple and straight-forward as possible, so we have provided this buyer’s guide to help you understand what differentiates pieces of jewelry.

Precious Metals Gemstones Diamonds

Precious Metals

Learn the differences between gold,
sterling silver, platinum and more.
Learn more about precious metals.



Learn about gemstone colors and significance, from amethyst to turquoise. Learn more about gemstones.



Discover the differences in diamond clarity, cut, color and carat weight. Learn more about diamonds.

There are many different styles of diamond ring settings and the ring-wearer may prefer a particular type. Learn more about Diamond Settings

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Whether it's platinum jewelry, gold jewelry, or sterling silver, our jewelry store buyer's guide is designed to give customers the break-down of what separates one to two thousand dollar precious metal jewelry items from one to two hundred thousand dollar pieces.

Do you want a platinum wedding band over traditional gold? How will each look if scratched and weathered? Should you polish platinum? What's the difference between white, pink, yellow and two-tone gold? How do you judge the quality of diamonds and gold? Find the answers to all these questions and more by clicking through our online jewelry store buyer's guide.

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