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Online Fine Jewelry Store

Verdi-House wants to be your most trusted online fine jewelry store to purchase gold, silver & platinum jewelry. With the enormous quality of our product lines and the diverse array of fine jewelry categories we offer, Verdi-House is changing the notion that precious fine jewelry like wedding ring bands, diamond earrings, sterling silver pendants and bracelets need to be purchased in an old-fashioned brick and mortar store.

Verdi-House offers a larger selection of gold, sterling silver, platinum, and diamond jewelry than most boutique stores. We also allow our customers to shop from the comfort of their computers, rather than dealing with pushy, commissioned salespeople at retail outlets and shops. Having such a diverse showroom at your fingertips lets you learn about various gold, silver, diamond, and colored gemstone jewelry to determine what is the perfect piece for you or your loved one before you buy. We allow you to shop for high end jewelry in tons of gold varsities, such as yellow, white, and rose, as well as other metals. Our commitment is to stocking the latest in fine jewelry trends and popular styles.

Getting Married? Find Bridal Jewelry Sets, Engagement Rings & Wedding Ring Bands

Engagement rings and wedding bands are arguably the most important pieces of fine jewelry a man or woman will ever buy. Engagement rings are available from Verdi-House in a range of karatages in white, rose, yellow, or two- toned gold. Men's wedding bands are available in the same metals, as well as white or black rhodium-plated white gold that exude a lustrous, almost translucent white or onyx black hue, respectively.

Bridal sets are also popular items, sporting a combination wedding band and engagement ring that are cut and styled to be worn together. They conjoin to form a total design, kind of like a two-piece puzzle.

Buy Great Pieces like Diamond Earrings & Sterling Silver Pendants

We stock the trendiest, most glamorous fine jewelry items in our online store because we scour the fashion scene to determine what customers want. This includes pieces that never go out of style, like diamond earrings and bracelets, pendant necklaces, and sterling silver pendants. The looks may change, but the precious metals, exquisite stones, and hip sophistication make these items mainstays of every woman’s wardrobe.